Inspection belt voor max 5000kg/uur

Deze Inspection belt is door inruil verkregen.

This roller belt is perfectly designed for inspecting and selecting root crops and other vegetables. The rollers are driven by two analogous chains that make the rollers rotate. Because of this rotating, the product is transported forwards. Inspecting the product is very easy, because the profile of the rollers makes the product rotate as well. This machine is equipped with two side belts, either for waste excluding or selected product.

Capacity:                        Up to 5.000 Kg/Hr*
Product Infeed:              Continuously
Dimensions:                   2300 x 1100 x 1000 Mm.
Width rollers / belt:         rollers 600mm, belts 2x300mm
Power Consumption:     0,74Kw, 220/400V 50Hz
Water Consumption:      0
Materials:                       Stainless Steel, glass blasted. Drive components and other parts are made of normal material.