About us

Marcelissen is specialised in food processing machinery for potatoes, fruit and vegetables. In 1950 Marcelissen started constructing and building machinery for the processing of potatoes. We are proud to say that in the meantime we are true specialists in potato processing. 

From the year 2000 onwards we are also specialised in machinery for the processing of carrots. With the knowledge from the potato processing and the investment in the new product range we have been able to bring a complete assortment for the production of carrots to the market. These technical superior machines are built with different specialism, capacities but above all these are perfectly suited to treat your product in the most efficient way.
But this is not all, beside the designing and manufacturing of machines we can also help you with our professional advice. We understand your process and your concerns, together with our knowledge we are convinced that we are able, together with you to find the best suitable solution.                                                                       .

After potatoes and carrots we, quickly, found out that our machines were more divers and can also be used, with some modifications, to process almost any fruit and vegetable. With continuous modifications on our current assortment and the development of new machines, we are able to process a huge diversity of products with our machines. Products such as, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, celery, celeriac, pistachios and tomatoes.

Did we not mention your product, feel free to contact us. We are happy to accept the challenge building or finding the perfect machine for your demands.
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